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I know what I want to do with my life

I just don’t know how to get there. 


I would love to go back to school and get a BS in interior design.  Then open my own company to help people organize and design their closets and home offices.


Today I was talking to a coworker friend of mine about my trip to The Container Store this weekend.  I was explaining how I fell instantly in love with the store and wanted to move in right away.


She told me that someone who used to work with us is now doing my dream job with California Closets.


Now I am distracted.  I want to work for California Closets.  Too bad I am not in the market for a risky career change right now.

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Is this the text book definition of irony?

In May of 2007 I was notified by my credit union that TJX Corp, who owns Marshall’s, TJ Maxx, and HomeGoods, had a breach of security. This meant that someone had gained access to their credit card files and my credit union wanted to shut down my Visa Check Card.

I am not sure about the rest of the world but I cannot function without my Visa Check Card! I was in a panic. Not that someone would steal my identity but that I would not have my Check Card at my beck and call. How would I buy gas? How would I pay for my dinner? Did I even remember how to write a check?

I made it thru the 7 to 10 business days when my new card arrived. I was even able to relearn my pin number.

I swore I would never shop at a TJX store again.

Then, on January 23, 2009, I decided to take a leap of faith. I wanted to look for a new swim suit before we went swimming that night. My options were to pick up Heidi early and then make her go shopping with me (not ideal on either account) or go to the downtown Marshall’s (a TJX store).

I picked Marshall’s. I didn’t find a swimsuit but I did get a really nice sweatshirt and a new pair of yoga pants.

When I got home that night and was flipping thru the mail there was an envelope from the Credit Union.

Huh, what’s this? I thought.

I open it and quickly scan the letter.

Visa has had an unknown breach in their security. They need to close my Check Card account.


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Virtually Organized

A few weeks back I came across a fun blog called VirtuallyOrganized.  It is packed full of tips to learn how to organize and how to stay that way.  The site was just updated to have a clean fresh look.  Go ahead and check it out!


Enjoy your weekend – and Happy Super Bowl!!


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Today’s it’s Arms and a quick pre-yoga self exam

A quick Pre-Yoga self exam…


I am exhausted.

Lunch sucked – not really sure why I thought it would be better in left over form when it was really bad the first time around.

I am super stressed about work

I don’t have time to think

I am not going to have time to finish all of my tasks so I will have to push them out to tomorrow – I feel a trickle down effect.


This is a perfect example of a day where I would find a million excuses not to do my practice.  Now, I will begin; let’s see how it goes…


Well, that was a nice 23 minute Yoga Practice.  Today I did an Arms Series which can be located at\video\69.


Since I lack in upper body strength that was harder than I hoped but I was able to do more than I had expected.  I just don’t really want to sweat at work but today I guess sweating was meant to be.


Here is my post-Yoga self exam…


I am not so exhausted right now

Lunch sucked and I am sad that I eat that Twinkie.  I really didn’t need it.  I am looking forward to my orange and almonds at 3.  I sure hope I have time to enjoy them because I am hungry!

I am still stressed about work but it’s not on the top of my mind.  Give me 2 minutes and it will be back.

And I still won’t have time to finish my tasks.

However since I am more awake I should be able to strike up that morning motivation I found yesterday, and I feel a little bit more clear headed so that will help with this next meeting (which I will be taking in my yoga clothes because I decided to type this instead of change). 


Sending out happy, positive thoughts to you all,


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An Energizing Yoga Sequence

Today, as part of my new resolution to practice Yoga every week day, I followed a beautiful routine.  I found it on in the podcast section. 


To be sure I would practice Yoga daily I needed to remove some obstacles (or excuses).

Excuse 1:  I am not wearing clothing that allows me to move freely. 

Solution 1:  This is very valid.  Since I am doing this at work, in my office, I am typically wearing dress pants or even a skirt.  I always wear an undershirt so it’s no effort to take off my sweater or blouse.  To solve the pants problem, I purchased a pair of yoga pants that I will leave in my office at all times. (Except to wash them.)  I can change in my office or the bathroom.


Excuse 2:  I don’t have time to go anywhere to practice.

Solution 2: With a quick side of a chair and replacement of a garbage can I have plenty of room behind my desk.  My desk also helps hide me from passer-bys who my glance in my window.


Excuse 3: I am always so hungry before/after a good yoga practice.

Solution 3:  I eat a small part of my lunch before I practice, then I eat the rest after.  This breaks up my meal and I find I am over all eating less.  A full stomach and Yoga don’t mix but neither does an empty stomach.  So far it’s working…


Excuse 4:  I spend more time finding yoga poses then I have to work out or I am not creative enough to “go with the flow”

Solution 4:  These wonderful Podcasts on!


The podcasts are each about 20 minutes long which is perfect for me.  I can follow along knowing I am being instructed by a real teacher.  The teacher offers some really useful tips on when to breath, what muscles should be lifted and working and which should be relaxed. 


Now that I am done I feel so refreshed and ready to take on the rest of my day.  It gives me that morning motivation all over again.


The practice for today was an Energizing Sequence.   It can be found at


Tomorrow I will try an arm series.  I hope I like it as much as I enjoyed today’s sequence.  


If you give it a try let me know what you thought of it.

Sending out happy, positive thoughts to you all,



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Re-centered again

Today I visited and as always I was inspired. I occasionally pick up a Yoga Journal or make it to their website and it always gets me back on track.

This week we have my husband’s sisters staying with us. They are 9 and 11 years old so they are much more like nieces than sister-in-laws. This has been a very interesting experience for me. I have always dreamed of having a large family and now, for this week, I do. The problem is they are not my kids. So what ever positive influence I try to have on them is in vain because they go back home on Sunday.

That thought has put my attitude toward this experience into a tail spin which caused me to snap this morning. Yes, the child deserved to be addressed. No, my voice did not need to be the loud. Yes, the child needed to hear why I was not happy with her. Yes, it would have been more productive if I had gathered my thoughts instead of randomly quipping them at her. In the end we were all upset and nothing was resolved.

Work is not much better right now. My plate is overflowing with regular projects, integration, and mentorship. These are all things I love about my job but they are also the things I hate. Such a fine line.

Needless to say, stress is high and I want it low. That’s when I turn to Yoga.

Instead of working thru lunch I found a sequence called Sweet Surrender under the Practice tab. I had never practiced Yin Yoga before so I was intrigued by the unknown. In Yin Yoga the goal is to hold all poses for 3 to 5 minutes or longer if possible. This encourages much needed meditation.

And I did a Sudoku puzzle when I was holding the Dragon Fly. I’m sure all the yogis out there are sending bad thoughts my way for admitting this but I am addicted to multitasking and felt that I needed to be doing something else. I had already meditated my way thru all of my issues. Or at least the ones I was ready to tackle today.

I know I will never be able to hold meditation so wonderfully that a bird will land on my head. But that’s not really why I do this.

Results? Well, my legs and back feel wonderful right now. My head is clear. And I am not dreading going home to this temporary big family.

To keep this Yoga high? I have scheduled a meeting with my self to practice Yoga tomorrow over lunch.

Sending out positive thoughts to you all,

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Vacation? Maybe…

Today has been the day from you know where. 

I had an early morning meeting that caused me to be in the office at 6:30, oh the joys of working with people in other time zones!  It has been back to back meetings all day.  I am a project manager so this is what I expect but one of my projects is extremely high profile right now and people are getting out of hand.  I am really stressed and I haven’t had any time to myself.  I chewed on my Shanghai Noodles during one meeting and muted my phone to crunch a fortune cookie in the next. 

I am exahusted.  I need 5 minutes.

The bright side is I am off tomorrow and Friday.  The dark side is I have to rush to get everything done today and then spend all next week paying for my time off.

My company is very generous with the vacation time.  They should be, I have been here for 9 years.  But they do make it hard to take time off.

So, in my 5 minutes to myself I planned my day for tomorrow.  It’s pampering day.  The project manager in me comes out and I make a timeline of the day.  It looks like this:

7:30 am: Drop child off at daycare

7:30 to 7:45:  Grab breakfast from SuperAmerica and head home

7:45 to 8:50: pay bills, balance checkbook, figure out why my corporate card thinks my payment was late.

8:50: head to the dentist, allow enough time to make sure my insurance is up to date and figure out why they just billed me for my husbands cleaning.

9:10 to 10: Dental cleaning, painful scraping of the bottom teeth, listen to the Dr explain why I need to have my wisdom teeth removed.  Note to self:  Come up with a new excuse, she isn’t going to believe you are still nursing your 2 year old.

10 to 10:30: Run to Target to get diapers and new socks.  Maybe a new book that I will put under the 50 other new books I still haven’t read yet, make some excuse that I will need something for the flight to OH next week…

10:30 to 12: Hair Cut and Color!  Yeah!  No one will ever know that I am not really blond anymore if I keep paying Nancy the big bucks!  Shhh… Don’t tell anyone…  Plan to continue reading “Everyone Worth Knowing” but gossip with the stylists and read a gossip rag instead.

12 to 12:30:  Pick up lunch, stop at the credit union to have them explain how to endorse a check made out to my 2 year old, head to the mall.

12:30 to 2: PEDICURE!!  Maybe I should allow extra time as I haven’t had a pedi in months.  That little Asian man is going to yell at me again.  Remind self there just isn’t time for mani and sit on hand so he doesn’t see cuticle beds.  Attempt to read “Everyone Worth Knowing” while sitting on hands.  Enjoy the massaging chair because there isn’t time for a real massage.

2 to 2:10:  Attempt to put on shoes without messing up new pedi.  Remember to bring flip flops next time.

2:10 to 2:30:  Drive home, check voice mail, ponder how much works sucks, attempt to enjoy some alone time, rock out to some tunes that aren’t the ABC song or Muffin Man.

2:30 to 4:30: Clean as much of the house as possible so husband thinks I spend the entire day cleaning.

4:30: Pick up child from daycare, enjoy all the hugs and kisses a 2 year old can give.

Sounds like a normal day.  I still am going to need a day off…  Maybe that’s what Friday is for.  Or not.  I have an entire basement to clean.  Ugh.

Hope your next few days are better then mine!

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Wild vs Ducks- Tonight 9:30 Central – Check your local listings

This should be a good game.  The Wild are dressing Boogaard which will mean there is a real goon in the game.  He’s no Matt Johnson but no one will ever fill those skates.

Go Wild!!

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My friend got a new dog last night.  I get to meet him tomorrow and I can’t wait.  His name is Charile, he was picked up by animal control as a stray, is 6 months old and weighs 11 pounds.  Isn’t he cute??


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